Great Duluth Student House Rentals near the UMD Campus

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Meet Noel, the Landlord

Duluth House Rental Landlord Noel
After his daughter rented a house that was a firetrap as a UMD student some years ago, Noel was surprised when he looked for safe alternatives to the vast majority of poor quality UMD & St. Scholastica student house and apartment rentals. He discovered there weren’t really too many safe off-campus student housing options. He ended up buying his first Duluth student rental property and fixing it up for his daughter and her housemates to share.

Noel now owns and manages five student rental houses in Duluth. He loves being able to provide quality, safe homes for UMD & St. Scholastica students to rent. These houses aren’t your average rentals, and Noel’s not your average landlord. He cares for each one of these homes as if his daughter still lives there. And he supports the success of his tenants, often even sending them rounds of pizza during finals week.

Want to learn more about becoming one of Noel’s tenants?
Get in touch by calling 651-353-4949 or email him now!